What I find most interesting about the West Coast Style is how we’ve fashioned such a wide array of iconic styles like Arts & Crafts, Art Deco, Baroque, Country, Danish Modern by using what we find in our natural landscape. The industrial designs of the Art Deco period are reproduced with rock and wood. Inlaid floors and wall paneling first used in the Baroque period take on a coastal twist using materials like slate inlay and raw timbers for wall panels. We, are grounded and earthy collectively. Bringing the outdoors in is our motto. Where we do show our extravagance is in fabrics whether all natural wools or plush velvets. Defining the west coast style in this way is a catalyst for creativity.

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Why incorporate stone?

Inspired by natural wonders of the earth, the organic nature of limestone transforms any room into  a marvelous work of environmental beauty.

The natural origins of granite can be traced to the very center of the earth.  It’s no surprise, then, that granite is often found at the very core of the most refined interiors.

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Hello world!

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